The Regeneration is a nonpartisan source for stories about the future food system. We write about regenerative agriculture, human and animal welfare, and ecosystem health, in an effort to generate awareness and demand for goods made sustainably.

We believe that individual choices influence the world we live in. By “voting” for change through our purchases, we can reform the industrial food system. ​Our mission is to empower everyday consumers to advocate for a more resilient food chain while celebrating the farmers, figures, and organizations fueling the regenerative agriculture movement.

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Our Supporters

Soilworks Natural Capital ​is a Public Benefit Company that invests in, operates, and incubates companies that will power the regenerative food and agriculture movement.

Wholesome Meats​ ​is a Texas-based company selling premium ground beef that heals the planet. The team prides itself on sourcing cattle from Carbon Ranchers who use regenerative grazing to create a climate-positive product that is as good for the land as it is for the consumer.

Pasture Map​ is a grazing management and cattle recording software that enables ranchers to make more informed decisions. ​Pasture Map is on a mission to help the next generation of regenerative leaders make a profit while building healthy grasslands.